Monday, September 13, 2010

Nights at the Round Table

I've never had a round table - maybe it's time to consider one!


  1. I have always had a round table and I love it. I only wish I had a 60in round instead of 48 in. Love the huge 60in tables they look so inviting to me. Great images, I always enjoy my visits here so much, thankyou,Kathysue

  2. love these. dining table is the best part of the home sometimes. :)

  3. Hi Leigh,
    What wonderful dining inspiration. We did have a round table, but now have a rectangular one with two extra leaves , and we can seat more people but, a round table is so much better for everyone to talk to each other.
    Thanks so much for your lovely comments on my holiday posts. XXXX

  4. Why did I ever buy rectangles.....oh well....smiles.

  5. HI Leigh
    I love love the 2nd room.. and love round tables... they say they are better for promoting conversation.. good feng shui!! I mean Arthur knew it!! hehe..

    Have a lovely week.. and thanks for the lovely comment on Mrs Wagner... she was thrilled!! hehe.. xxx Julie

  6. I just bought a round glass top table with white laquer bamboo chairs, and I adore it!! Round tables make for such easy conversation...

  7. Me neither Leigh. You go first & report back!
    Millie ^_^

  8. HI, I'm new to your blog, I like it! Your house looks amazing. And regarding dining tables, I think they are very comfortable, easier to talk to people around it and easier to reach for food :)

  9. I absolutely adore your blog! I found it a while ago, then lost it, but now I've found it again :)
    All your posts are such treats. I use a lot of your pictures in my homes tumblr ( and I always link back to you :)

  10. * Leigh~
    Both the large "formal" dining room & the kitchen's extra large eating area sport huge, round tables... one w/ a glass top & tree trunk bottom (most of the tree had been destroyed by lightening... I had a man LITERALLY take it out of the ground & "finish"~ it took him months, but turned out beauuutifully!) and one in wood... I can't IMAGINE having it any other way!!!... My favorite bonus to these is NOT having anyone in particular being at the "head" of the table, and it makes for such delightful, all-inclusive conversations and celebrations!!!

    Linda in AZ *


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