Thursday, November 11, 2010

Getting It White

I love these white living rooms.  With just the smallest touches of colour they look livable, comfortable and gorgeous!


  1. Hi Leigh all of these images are gorgeous. I would love to be able to live with white furniture but I am afraid I could not keep it clean enough for me. I also have to have some color but boy oh boy do I wish I could live with all white.Kathysue

  2. Doesn't get much better Leigh - white on white with just a dash. And slipcovers that are happy to experience the heavy duty cycle in the front loader!
    Millie ^_^

  3. I too love white rooms. What is it that makes them so inviting -- is it because they look so calm and serene and comfortable?

  4. They're all gorgeous Leigh... and yes, very livable. Our place is painted off-white throughout, but I'm now looking for a pale grey to paint the's so hard to find one and make a decision from small colour cards.. the search continues.

  5. With Summer almost upon us there seems to be quite a lot of colour around. This post has taken me back to my first love - White. Thanks Leigh, I needed that.

  6. Hi Leigh
    I can't believe I have just found your gorgeous stylish blog! I have just posted about 'Brabourne Farm' today - I love your infatuation with Blue & White... seems we have a very similar style aesthetic!
    I have just added your blog to my 'Best Palatial Blog' list - hope it will bring you new visitors!
    I look forward to checking in again...
    Thanks & regards
    Sarah - Palatial Living

  7. Oh what gorgeous images. I love the white against the timber floors and furniture. Very dreamy:)

  8. Love all these images, nothing beats a white space for me x

  9. They do don't they, really gorgeous, especially the first.


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