Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Summer Loving

Is turquoise the ultimate summer colour?  Cool and beautiful .... it may just be!


  1. It amazes me how cool turquoise can make you feel just by looking at it. I love the way they have mounted a decorative mirror on top of a mirrored wall in the last bathroom photo.

    Hope you aren't getting washed away where you live!
    Clare x

  2. I have an all white bathroom, I think I should do turquoise for the summer too !
    It was cobalt blue, but you are right, turquoise is Summer!

  3. i just finished a job where i used a great deal of turquoise.
    i can't wait for the install.

    xx merry xmas

  4. I adore it, in all it's shades.

    The second last photo is just the sweetest photo, I love it.

    Thank you for your good wishes re the house. Hopefully by the end of next week....what a time of year to finish though!


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