Tuesday, January 18, 2011

High Time

The perfect place for breakfast or lunch!


  1. My kids are very keen to have stools when we renovate our kitchen and I am trying to work out how we could possibly fit them in - a bit tricky in a U-shaped room. They would be fabulous though so I will see what I can think of. Beautiful examples here.
    Clare x

  2. Gorgeous! I am on the hunt for bar stools but no luck finding any yet. Letitia x

  3. That first kitchen is perfect!


  4. I could happily move into any one of those kitchens.

  5. I like the industrial looking chairs in the first pic.
    That pink frig is too cute! :)
    I posted pics of kitchen islands on my blog today too.

  6. Oh! I so agree....we have a tall cafe table for two and a couple of tall stools for our kitchen and love them....smiles.

  7. Love your pictures, your westie and your love of white. I feel so inspired
    each time I visit your blog. Thank you


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