Thursday, March 10, 2011

Love .... A Basket on a Bike


  1. OMW! That polka dot bike is great! I have been looking for a vintage turquoise bike - or at least one I can paint turquoise. I already have the basket for it.

    ~ Tracy

  2. it sure is cute. A fresh inspiration for the spring :)

  3. I love a vintage bike with a basket. I have my eye on one at "Walmart" of all places. I think this will be my summer transpertation.

  4. F A B
    somewhere I have an old white wicker bicycle basket that must be found, now! plan to put it on my red beach cruiser that was a gift from my husband of 25 years, back when we were dating!
    wish I had kept track of how many people I have told about this must number in the hundreds by now


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