Friday, April 1, 2011

Love .... Pink and White Lisianthus


  1. Those are the most beautiful lisianthus I have ever seen,and I worked as a floral designer for over 15 years.Just breathtaking.

  2. I think lisianthus are one of the most beautiful flowers you can have. It's a pity the season is so short.

  3. Ah! We have some sitting in our kitchen right now... aren't they gorgeous? They were our wedding flowers. So delicate... Georgie x

  4. So pretty! Makes me excited for warmer weather! xoox, Tracie

  5. Hi,

    I stumbled upon your site and absolutely love your pink Lisianthas, would you allow me to portray these by an oil painting. I am an artist, who specialises in painting large oils of flowers. It is the end of winter and I am still awaiting Spring flowers so do not have much in the way of inspiration right now. I love your flower photographs and would so much appreciate if I could use one for a painting.

    Your blog by the way is wonderful. I need a coffee and cake and time to sit down and look through it properly.

    I do have a blog you can view my work on.

    You can view my art pages there and my current painting which is on the "on my easel" page. Once this is finished I have nothing else to paint .....eeeeek!!

    My email is :

    In anticipation :)



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