Friday, April 8, 2011

No Frame Required

Just shows you don't always have to frame or hang your pictures.


  1. Happy Anniversary to you dear Leigh & Mr. Brabourne!
    Millie & MOTH

  2. I love the images pegged to the washing lines! X

  3. Hi Leigh,
    What great ideas, some that I shall use, I think. So sorry that I haven't been around lately....have had a nightmare with my computer and Blogger hates me !!!!
    ....and, a very Happy Anniversary to you and Mr. Brabourne Farm. Have a lovely day both of you.With much love. XXXX

  4. What great ideas to display pics...
    Thanks for sharing,
    love it ♥

  5. Love the casual feel of this. Such a wonderful idea. Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Leigh!

  6. I always enjoy your blog and it's inspirations. Am a photo fanatic and will use this for MORE pictures of the grandies!. Thank you. Denise


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