Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Simply Desks

No matter how small the desk, everyone can have their own little work area.

Images 1&4 - House to Home Images 2,3&5,6 - Unknown


  1. Hello! I came across your blog this morning for the first time and feel in love immediately....just beautiful photos, thanks for sharing.
    I showed my husband tonight and said "I think it must be in the US somewhere....maybe New England area"
    Then I read more about you and saw Brabourne Farm was in Australia!!
    Wow that was a surprise... our quess is Southern Highlands........how close are we?
    I look forward to the journey with you!
    Lisa, Gold Coast

  2. I'm sure I would do better work if I had one of these beautiful desks to work from :) Nicolex

  3. These photos make me want to paint my desk white.
    It is handmade from the countryside (Argentina) and stained a reddish color .. antiqued .. looks Okay but white might give it more ... something :)

  4. Such inspiring work areas-makes you want to work all of the time!

    Thank you for posting such beautiful images on your blog. I really enjoy them.


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