Monday, May 30, 2011

Desk Jobs

With a pretty desk like this you would have no excuse for not being organised!

Image 1 - King Au Image 2 - Better Homes & Gardens Image 3 - Unknown Image 4 - Home Beautiful Image 5 - House to Home Image 6 - Lucyina Moodie


  1. Oh they're all gorgeous. Love the little pup in the first one! A-M xx

  2. what lovely images - thankyou for your 'finds'.
    quite new to your blog - really love your house.
    looking forward to following.
    mrs c. xox

  3. Those are all so beautiful...
    love the first and last one.

    Oh I'd hate it if I have a desk like that and somebody messes it up ... only I would have the right to mess and do some cluttering there...OMG I think I'd develop OCD if I had a desk like those ♥

  4. I definitely need to get myself a little more all of these images!!

  5. I would love the 4th one! That mirror is amazing!


  6. You have inspired me to tidy my office!


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