Thursday, June 23, 2011

Fire White

A good book, hot chocolate, sleepy, warm dogs, cashmere rug ..... and one of these beautiful fireplaces - heaven!

Image 1 - Stacey Brandford Image 2 - Martha Stewart Image 3 - Ellen Silverman Image 4 - Wendell T Webber Image 5- GP Schafer Image 6 - House & Garden


  1. Is there anything more beautiful than a white fireplace?!!!! A-M xx

  2. Lovely fireplaces - Although I have to say, considering I live in North Queensland, it doesn't seem as appealing!

    I just found your blog through VT Interiors. You have a beautiful home and I can see your blog is about to become a regular read for me, so I thought I'd say hello!

  3. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous Leigh. Fireplaces are my favourite feature in a home. We have original ones in nearly every room in our Victorian house. All of the downstairs ones have been sandblasted and the cast iron burnished but, sometimes I would love them to be white but I couldn't bring myself to paint them !! XXXX

  4. The best thing about winter is a beautiful open fireplace! These images are beautiful! I especially love the first shot and the last :) Abbey x

  5. Love the simplicity but the elegance of a white mantel! I wish I had a fireplace in my home.


  6. This is amazing white fireplace.. It's very rare to see the white fireplace, because usually it always black right?


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