Thursday, June 30, 2011

Food With a View

Beautiful, light-filled dining rooms - just gorgeous!

Images 1&4 - Unknown Images 2 - Simon Brown Image 3 - Leibowitz & McLachlan Image 5 - Annie Schlecter Image 6 - Cotton Love


  1. You have such a knack for picking the most beautiful images x

  2. each was nicer than the one before!!

    happy weekend

  3. Love them all! The first and third are favorites though! Great pictures!

  4. I just love the room in the third photos .. the chairs especially .
    I wanted to put our dining table in front of one of the French doors in the living room .. I like that view while dining . But the chandelier and dining area are not by the windows or doors :(
    I put a giant mirror on the wall though !

  5. Beautiful images of tranquil settings.
    I am enjoying your blog and have signed up to follow you
    Helen Tilston


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