Thursday, June 2, 2011

Snappy Solutions

We all have drawers full of family photos .... it's time to get them out and do something fabulous like this!

Image 1 - House to Home Image 2 - Family Circle Image 3 - Homes & Gardens Images 4&6 - Unknown Image 5 - Jayne Reid


  1. Do love a 'photo wall'. Keep adding to ours and look at them each morning and night - just a wonderful reminder of family, friends and happy times shared. Love that they also express so much about the person who lives in the home.

  2. Love these images Leigh. I have done this look a few times in different houses and it works every time. A great conversation piece too. People just naturally gravitate to family photos, I like to fill hallways, staircases, family rooms and kitchens with the photos we have taken over the years. Once they go up, I can call wherever we live... Home :)

    Best wishes Leigh...

    Jeanne xx

  3. There is an ongoing battle of wills at my house, I love this sort of thing, my husband does not :)
    Lordy, the walls would be covered once I got started !

  4. We love your inspiring creative blog...Thanks for being one of those places that people can turn to for making their home and lives better! Good for you! Keep it up.

    All the best,
    Stephen Saint-Onge


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