Sunday, June 5, 2011

Winter Warmth

Stay warm and cosy!

Image 1 - Ali Bradshaw Image 2 - Johan Kalen Images 3,4&6 - Unknown Image 5 - Sarah Maingot


  1. It's actually so chilly in New England that your photos are making me feel nice and cozy.... and we are supposed to be starting summer here!!

  2. It's so easy to forget, your winter is just around the corner... we are just headding into summer! While I love these cozy images, I am happy to wait a little longer to have to put on the socks.... ;)

    Happy weekend!
    Northern Light Blog

  3. Gorgeous images to enjoy with my hot cup of tea this morning Leigh! I'm just loving the cooler weather! Tracey xx

  4. We should have stayed committed to finding a home with a fireplace ! This apartment is perfect in almost every way, except there is no fireplace and we need one !
    Views just don´t keep you warm :)

  5. i know we are in different hemispheres.....
    i am sweating my bottom off in florida!!

    but it does look very inviting....


  6. Brrr Cape Town is freezing tonight! We need al the winter warmth we can get!!

  7. Hi there - I am LOL-ing at Renee's comment - I'm in South Florida, so the 90 degree temps are keeping me warmer than I want to be --

    PS- I always love visiting your blog for all the beautiful photos, but especially to see your adorable "boys"!!!! Please give them some hugs for  me--



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