Monday, July 25, 2011

Moody Blues

I wish I was brave enough!

Image 1 - House to Home Image 2 - Unknown Image 3 - House Beautiful Image 4 - Stacey Brandford Image 5 - Country Style Magazine Image 6 - House & Leisure


  1. It's only paint! These are fabulous rooms - who knew blue could be so fantastic. You've really got me thinking...I love colour- my sitting room is a deep Hermes orange right now which I love but a wonderful moody blue would be so great for a library or reading room wouldn't it?

  2. Einjfach zu schön.Blaue Farbe mage ich nich persönlich.Passt zu mir nicht...Aber trozdem finde ich wunderbar in Wände,Tepiche,Geschirr etc...Bussi.Luciene.


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