Thursday, July 21, 2011

Ottoman Comfort

Makes you want to grab a good book and put your feet up!

Image 1 - Tim Clarke Design Image 2 - Carrier and Company Image 3 - House & Leisure Image 4 - Homes & Gardens Image 5 - Cochrane Design Image 6 - Unknown


  1. I so agree with you comment about wanting to grab a good book and put one's feet up!

    I love my ottoman/foorstool.


  2. Indeed it does, we have an ottoman that seems to have been given over to the dog! I think I will re-claim it and dress it up a little.

  3. What a brilliant invention the ottoman was. We are about to order a sofa like the ottoman in the 2nd photograph so, I must see if they make an ottoman to match.
    Hope your computer problems have been solved. Mine keeps overheating now and turning itself off ...... I don't think that I go a fortnight without some new computer problem !!!! XXXX

  4. Love the tufted ottomans used as coffee tables, and adore the trays on top!!

  5. I love the khaki one! Would love a round one in our front room.


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