Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Check Your Cupboard

Where are all these gorgeous cupboards hiding - not in the antique shops I'm looking in!

Images 1&3 - Unknown Image 2 - Werner Straube Images 4&6 - House & Leisure Image 5 - Windsor Smith


  1. We have a couple from China :)
    And one from Mexico.
    I guess you need to take a trip lol. I like the first and last ones the best .. if we ever move to that little house in the country, that is what I would be looking for.

  2. Or the ones I go into! I think we need to pop over to Europe to find beauties like these. Sigh.
    Clare x

  3. Great finds! Sometimes the perfect cupboard can just be so hard to come across! I feel your frustration.

  4. the last one is simply divine. have a beautiful day, darling! xo


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