Saturday, August 20, 2011

Keep the Home Fires Burning

It's cold and very wet here today - the only place to be is in front of the fire.

Image 1 - House Beautiful Image 2 - Vallone Design Image 3 - New York Times Image 4 - Victoria Pearson Image 5 - Canadian House & Home Image 6 - Shootfactory


  1. It's cold and wet here too - the joy of England in August! All those beautiful cosy fireplaces. I'm tempted to light a fire!

  2. It's 100+ in NC, but I can enjoy the beauty of a burning fireplace from the fourth image!!

  3. Is it really cold and wet? Ugh in Atlanta Ga. it is soooooooooooo hot. I am wishing for cold and wet. lol
    love you blog.

  4. Cold & wet, there is something truly beautiful about winter - my cup of tea tastes better, the Australian sun isn't so harsh, layering clothing, energy.......but I will be pleased the see the sun!


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