Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Rising to the Top

The perfect place for a little art space!

Image 1 - Flickr Images 2,3,4&6 - House & Leisure Image 5 - Country Living


  1. i can never get enough of
    picture arranging.
    these are wonderful examples.


  2. Nice rhyme at the end! It must be heaven to walk up the stairs seeing bits of your framed memories until the top step where they all envelop you.
    Have you seen this photo wall from the movie Spanglish?


  3. Stairs, stairs and more stairs! Oh how I love stairs, especially when they are accompanied with great art! A-M xx

  4. What a wonderful way to fill the expansive area above the the third image!!

  5. I always fall in love with the picture-filled staircase walls at Ralph Lauren. I would love to do that in my house, but am really daunted by the number of paintings it would take to fill mine. I wonder sometimes what the best process is, just hang them one by one and let it take as long as it takes to fill up the wall, or collect them all and hang them at the same time. Thanks for the great post!


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