Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday is Washing Day

Well that's what my grandmother said!

Image 1 - Family Circle Image 2 - My Home Ideas Image 3 - House & Garden Image 4 - House to Home Image 5 - House & Leisure Image 6 - Unknown


  1. When my husband runs out of socks, is my washing day :)
    I love that last room .. mine is what used to be the Maids Bathroom. Now it houses a stack washer and dryer .. and all the paraphernalia the housekeeper uses.
    I like the place for the ironing board especially.

  2. Lovely, a little intrigued by the second last, what a good idea for a little in-house line.

  3. Yeah...not so much around here. It seems as EVERY day is wash day! Lovely insp pics!

    Linda @Lime in the Coconut

  4. Leigh, your way and your place to do laundry is magical! It's so homey and I'm totally taken back by it's charm! So happy I dropped in, you've got a great blog!



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