Friday, October 14, 2011

Bon Appetit!

Simply delicious!

Image 1 - Country Homes & Interiors Image 2 - Family Circle Image 3 - House & Garden Image 4 - Unknown Image 5 - Samantha Pynn Image 6 - Taverne Agency


  1. ooooh i LOVE the last kitchen picture!!

  2. What great tablescapes! My heart jumped when it saw that super colorful one! I love that orange and pink together, what an awesome look!

  3. Wow -- LOVE these! Especially --well, I was going to say especially that first image. And the one with green shelving and the casual dining area. But really, maybe the fifth one is my favorite -- oh...ok -- each one is so unique. They are all fabulous.
    Have a lovely Friday!

  4. There is something in these interiors that makes it irresistible. So angelic. Is this what heaven looks like?

  5. Gorgeous dining rooms...

    love the colors

    and the easy living feel that they all have.

  6. I would be quite content with the next to the last .. those blue walls .. the ceiling !

  7. the first one is so pretty Leigh! have a beautiful weekend, darling! xo


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