Saturday, November 26, 2011

Entry @ Brabourne Farm

Another part of the house finally finished!  The entry design caused a lot of angst between the architect and me as he felt the area was too large and a waste of space - I held my ground and am so glad that I did as it has become like an extra living area and helps to balance the house.

Now some answers to some of your questions:-

Fireplaces - both the fireplaces (dining/living room and study) are full masonry with no firebox inserts.  They have identical french reproduction mantelpieces sourced from Architectural Heritage (sadly no longer in business).  They are truly one of my favourite things in the house!

Dining/Living Room Cupboard - this cupboard was built for us by the same cabinetmaker who did the kitchen, study, bathrooms, laundry, wardrobes .... just love everything that he does and it's such fun designing things with him!


  1. Love the pops of colour & well what can we say about the stunning mantle ! Those floor tiles are a definate in the 'next' house.
    Karyn x

  2. Nice to see your home, especially when you normally photos of other lovely homes! You have gorgeous style.
    Cheers Fiona

  3. i like everything.

    things came out beautifully!!!

    xx happy haolidays

  4. Leigh - lovely!!! Is the second image the view as you enter? Marvellous that you were able to accomodate such a generous entry! Are the arm chairs from Ruby Start traders? Or a smiliar fabric to a chari they do? I love it and the pair of them look fabulous! Well done!

  5. Gorgeous Leigh. Love all the symmetry too. A-M xx

  6. What a beautiful and elegant entry space you have created - well done!

  7. I love the entry way and agree with you entirely, you can never have enough space and I am extremely jealous you have the room for a free standing table in the centre. I also agree its like a small living area.

    I adore the fireplaces too!

  8. Leigh it looks beautiful ... and I'm glad you held your ground with the entryway!

  9. can you please tell me the wall color you used i love it


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