Sunday, November 6, 2011

Lunch at the Long Table

Images 1&3 - Unknown Image 2 - Country Living Image 4 - Mark Nicholson Image 5 - Gabi Tubbs Image 6 - Bjorn Wallander


  1. Beautiful...gorgeous trees in the third last.

  2. what gorgeous table and settings! xoxo

  3. love so much al fresco meals, especially with tables like these! hope you had a lovely sunday, darling! xo

  4. Oh, my dream is to have a big rustic table and chairs in an outdoor dining space. I want it to be a natural surrounding like the ones in these images....... ok, maybe a old iron chandelier or two hanging from the tree's.
    I can picture our friends and family enjoying the setting with great food and wine. THAT is what living is all about.
    Thanks for stirring up the dream a bit more for me.


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