Wednesday, December 7, 2011

She Came in Through the Bathroom Window

Light-filled bathrooms = fabulous!

Image 1 - 1st Option Image 2 - Simon Eldon Image 3 - Ginger Brewton Interiors Image 4 - Todhunter Earle Interiors Image 5 - Unknown Image 6 - Luis Albuquerque


  1. I think I need some animal print in my bathroom!

  2. Those bathroom images are all gorgeous!!! I love the style of them, if I could ever redo ours, I would do it like the first one or the next to last one.

  3. haha I love that song! and what a beautiful bathroom in picture # 4! I love the view through the window and the sitting area under it. My bathroom doesn't have a window and I can tell you a little bit of sunlight could do a huge difference in my mood when I walk into that room.


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