Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Coffee Table Looks

What do you prefer .... a coffee table or an ottoman?

Image 1 - Big Blue Photography Image 2 - David Duncan Livingston Image 3 - House Beautiful Image 4 - Nan Whitney Image 5 - Jan Baldwin Image 6 - Martha O'Hara


  1. I really like either....they can both be classy, depending on what you put on them. Unfortunately my coffee table's full of mags and papers...not classy at all. lol
    xx're c

  2. Both. We have a "tea table" in our great room and an ottoman in our study-dining room. The ottoman is the most versatile, but setting up vignettes seems easier on the hard-surface tea table. Plus the tea table has beveled glass inset and gives opportunity for viewing the space underneath. The lower area is not a shelf, but still allows for a tray.

  3. I am an ottoman girl, although I have both. My studded linen ottoman has a special place in my heart!

  4. I love the images, especialy with wallpaper blue!!!

  5. I do love them both. A good coffee table in a living room works but an ottoman in more of a den or lounging room seems so casual and eazy.
    Fantastic images to prove both work!

  6. My feet are usually killing me by the end of the day, so in my house, a coffee table and ottoman must both be conducive to foot propping!


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