Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Do Something With Mirrors

I love, love, love these painted mirrors .... another lovely to add to the "To Find" list!

Image 1 - Thomas Loof Image 2 - House Beautiful Image 3 - Plum Interiors Image 4 - Artistic Designs for Living Image 5 - Family Circle Image 6 - John Jacob Interiors


  1. Just recently I saw a huge mirror in a kitchen .. and will do the same thing next time I move ... it was over the sink :)
    what fun to watch yourself do dishes lol.
    I have mirrors all over my home, living room, dining, kitchen, hall ..bedrooms .. in fact, there is at least one mirror in every room .

  2. I agree with you dahhling.. love painted mirrors I think it both updates them & adds some drama!

  3. I adore mirrors! a lot! gorgeous finds, darling! xo

  4. Next to beautiful art, I love a gorgeous mirror!!

    I hope you will join my Valentine's Giveaway!
    Art by Karena

  5. These Baroque beauties certainly seem to be in all the best rooms. Another mirror trend I've seen is the Writing On The Mirror one. As in, gorgeous script painted in gold paint across the glass. Almost Carolyn Quartermaine-ish. Have seen them in several Parisian apartments now. Just beautiful! Janelle

  6. The bathroom with the dark walls and white mirror looks so elegant!

  7. I love them too, and the ruffle of the first one is fabulous!!


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