Friday, March 23, 2012

Blowing in the Wind


I would love to have beautiful, billowy curtains on our verandah, but I think it's too windy - such a shame because I think it's a gorgeous idea.

Image 1 - Yardware Image 2 - Unknown Images 3&6 - House & Leisure Image 4 - The Novogratz Image 5 - House Beautiful


  1. I love the look of draperies framing a porch. The sheer ones are my favorites...dreamy...

  2. I so want a lanai with billowy curtains. It's the perfect spot to sit even if it's a rainy day.

  3. Me too Leigh! I sewed some for our deck but had to keep getting up on a ladder and pulling them down whenever the first drop of rain started to show!

    I suspect the waterproof Sunbrella ones can stay up all summer but even those would get very ratty in our wet climate.

    Love your posts, as always!

  4. PS I see you love the book 'An Affair With A House'. Is it good? I've just booked a work trip to the US around the date of Bunny Williams' Open House in May. Her garden looks so beautiful. Janelle


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