Sunday, April 22, 2012

Just Hanging Around


Image 1 - Unknown Image 2 - Gabi Tubbs Images 3&4 - House and Leisure Image 5 - Sussie Bell Image 6 - House and Garden


  1. Hi Leigh
    Hope you are well.. I've been such a slacker and thought I'd catch up with a few old friends..

    simply love that first image.. not least because of the portrait over the bed.. but all the colours are divine!!

    Have a lovely Sunday.. ciao xxx Julie

  2. Lovely post. Beautiful photographs!

  3. Pretty camisoles - they remind me of the slip dresses that I used to wear in my youth inspired by John Galliano (but bought from London's Portobello market and MUCH, much cheaper). The were jewel coloured and and lace trimmed and I used to decorate my room by hanging them on the outside of the wardrobe too! Funny how old memories come flooding back. Lovely images as usual. Your blog is so inspiring.


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