Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Zebra Crossing


This black and white is enough to drive you wild!

Image 1 - Lonny Magazine Image 2 - Parish Stapleton Image 3 - Melanie Acevedo Image 4 - James Tse Image 5 - Ron Royals Image 6 - House and Home


  1. I cannot say anything good about dead animal skins.
    I do love the chandeliers though! :)
    besos, C

  2. The crossing made it to Atlanta, GA! My daughter just put Zebra print nail appliques on her hands and she is proudly showing off the Zebra Nails look to everyone!
    : )

  3. Please tell me they're not real. Seriously if everyone gets one, there will be none left in the wild. Please be thoughtful and respect the life of the animal before tossing it on your floor or on your wall.


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