Thursday, May 17, 2012

On the Desktop


Is your desk tidy and organised or messy and cluttered (but of course you know where everything is)?


  1. mine is definetely more messy :D but i like it that way :))
    have a good weekend, svenja

  2. My desk is ridiculously tidy.
    It is a piece of furniture we bought here in Buenos Aires. Made in the "rustic " style ..heavy wood, stained a reddish color. One drawer with an old bronze pull. It suits the room and the place .. I wonder where I will go in our new home back in the US .. but it will definitely go with us ~

  3. I have best intentions gets away from me! I do like that last shot...sigh!

  4. oh wish I had it tidy but I'm with DJ, I have the best intentions too! hope you have a beautiful weekend, Leigh!

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