Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Kitchen Gardens

Pythouse Kitchen Garden - Tisbury

Heale Garden - Salisbury

Lytes Cary Manor - Somerton

Tintinhull Manor and Garden - Yeovil

Stourhead - Wiltshire

Abbey House Gardens - Malmsbury

Knightshayes Court - Tiverton

Buckland Abbey - Yelverton

Images - Brabourne Farm


  1. What absolutely magical gardens!! So beautiful.

  2. I did a post recently on starting an herb and vegetable garden...what gorgeous inspiration!!

  3. Fab gardens, i leave for the uk tomorrow, and will meet a friend at the Yeovil manor!

  4. Absolutely gorgeous all! So inspirational to me....even if I can only dream!
    Thank you, Nella

  5. Have really loved seeing your garden photos. Thank you for posting so many. Particularly love these kitchen gardens! Heale Garden looks gorgeous, as does Abbey House Garden. I do love a walled kitchen garden. Hope you're both having a wonderful time! Janelle


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