Thursday, June 28, 2012

Purple Patch

Not always everyone's favourite colour but it is pretty ....

Image 1 - Stacey Brandford Image 2 - Elle Decor Image 3 - House to Home Image 4 - Eric Piasecki Images 5&6 - Unknown


  1. all of these rooms are beautiful! something about purples make a room look timeless and effortless. thanks for sharing =)

  2. Purple is not my go-to color, but a touch of it against a neutral background can be stunning...such as the example your showed with the long tufted velvet bench against a soft sand wall. So beautiful.

  3. I really loved your blog. All above pictures are so gorgeous and the last one white and purple combination is really amazing. I love white color too much and I think, it would great to have purple combination with my existing white furniture and will be so.


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