Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Art of Black and White

Isn't this the most fabulous colour combination .... and it never dates!

Image 1 - Papercity Magazine Image 2 - Thomas Paul Image 3 - Unknown Image 4 - House and Garden Image 5 - Annie Schlecter Image 6 - House Beautiful


  1. Absolutely! Just what my new cushion range is, no surprises there. xx

  2. The black and white... it's always perfect... isn't it? Lovely images as always Leigh...xv

  3. ...sigh! I love black and white! I'm lusting over the kitchen in the last pic. At least I do have black cabinets but not white marble counters! love it all

  4. Love it all! I am drawn more and more to this palette. As you say it never looks dated


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