Monday, November 5, 2012

Kitchen Luxe

No excuses for not cooking ....

Image 1 - Est Magazine Image 2 - NY Times Image 3 - The Elegant Abode Image 4 - Interiors Magazine  Image 5 - Unknown Image 6 - 1st Option


  1. If only….if only that was my kitchen! I would think I'd died and gone to heaven! it's truly glorious!!!! Will pin it right now!

  2. Hi Leigh!great selection of pictures, I specially like pic #5, at first I thought "there is nothing interesting on that kitchen" then I noticed the ceiling! so gorgeous! however I still don't like the counter top.

  3. To się nazywa kuchnia, piękne wnętrza:-)

  4. I love the kitchen with the exposed ornate trusses. You are such a prolific blogger, it's hard to keep up with all your posts! Thank you for a blog always full of inspiration.


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