Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Get Well Soon Millie

These roses are for Millie at the wonderful Laurel Hedge - hope all goes well on Thursday and you make a quick recovery! I'll be thinking of you - Leigh.
Image - Homes & Garden Magazine


  1. So thoughtful of you Leigh and I am thinking of Millie as well, xv.

  2. What can I say Leigh, except that I am deeply moved by your beautiful post. I'm a little fragile tonight, I've just said goodbye to Son #4 who's heading back to his work in the wilds of far north S.A. He got emotional & then so did I, so we were a bit of a mess for a little while. Then MOTH jumped in with one of his famous funny quips & all was well again, bless him. Thank you again dear & to sweet Vicki A., for your warm wishes, I just need to get this whole thing over & done with & quickly!
    Millie ^_^

  3. We will all be thinking of Millie on Thursday and your picture is perfect!


  4. Oh yes, Millie, please be safe and get really really well soon. Beautiful picture Leigh. A-M xx


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