Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Purple Haze

I'm not normally a "purple" person but these shades of mauve, lavender and lilac are so lovely. Purple seems to be everywhere at the moment so maybe now is the time to add just a little here and there.
Images 1 & 3 - Homes & Gardens Magazine Image 2 - Unknown Images 4 & 6 - The Interior Design File (Caroline Clifton-Mogg) Image 5 - Caroline Arbor Image 7 - Peter Estersohn


  1. Oh, I want to move into either that second room or the fourth one--simply lovely.

  2. I'm not much of a purple person either, but just the other day I found myself purchasing a cardigan in a distinctly lavender shade! Don't know what's come over me!! These are all beautiful pics Leigh - they make me like lavender even more. Lee :)

  3. Love that rustic cabinet coming out of the wall.

  4. I enjoy purple but love the last image .It actually was the cover of Sothern Living years back & remains their number one selling issue.
    for me its deinitely more appealing when lightened accompanied by white or linen tones.
    I'm really into the first image. Gratitudes.


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