Friday, August 7, 2009

Love .... White Flowers

Image 1 - Elizabeth Zeschin Image 2 - Donna Griffith Image 3 - David Prince Image 4 - House Beautiful Image 5 - Peter Margonelli Image 6 - John Gruen


  1. White flowers have always been a favorite of mine. Love the first and last photos!

  2. I adore white flowers too! They remind me of weddings, which always make me happy!
    Once I was at a shop reaching for a flat of white flowers for my garden. I thought the woman next to me was reaching too. I apologized and offered her the flowers and she said, 'oh no, I wasn't reaching for the white ones- those remind me of funerals...."
    To each their own! I got the flat;)

  3. I love that first photo. White flowers are always so pretty and pure.

  4. i love all the white flowers!!! their beautiful!


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