Wednesday, March 10, 2010

It's All There in Black and White

Black and white is such a fabulous colour combination, especially when it's used in gorgeous patterned and striped wallpapers, rugs and toille.  Love this look!

Image 1 - Homes & Gardens Magazine Image 2 - House & Garden Magazine Image 3 - here Image 4 - P&T Interiors Image 5 - Greg Natale Design Image 6 - Anna French


  1. Totally gorgeouss - especially image 2 and 3:-)
    Thank you for an inspirational post!
    Have a nice evening, hugs Hege.

  2. love the bold prints which is "in" this year ( according to the design experts) and love the bold prints on the rug. thanks for posting the pictures. your blog is always inspirational!

  3. Hello!
    I really like the colors it is one of my favorites
    and you can always add a third color in the way each one will fit ...
    I greet warmly ((:

  4. Lovely shots!! Lovelu blog. Following!

    I love the intricate floral designs!

  5. Huge fan of the Natale room and the striped wall in the top pic! Its very Saville row tailor chic!
    BTW Leigh had to ask was it 10000 agapanthus heads or plants that you dead headed? Phew I got tired thinking about it..hope you had the right equipment! xLyn

  6. I am really loving black and white at the moment, especially love image #4. It is such a striking combination and I love the hot pink in the last image. xx

  7. Can't go wrong with black and white, it's always a timeless look.
    Kerri x

  8. Stunning! Never get tired of black and white..have a lovely day, cheers Katherine

  9. Black and white is like a favourite matter how many times you hear it, you still love it. Gorgeous post Leigh.

  10. Love black and white- such a classic.
    I adore that third picture!!

  11. Hi Leigh
    Fabulous!! I love black and white in any form and combination.. such a clean and fresh look... and these images are great inspiration...
    Have a lovely week Leigh.. xx Julie

  12. It just has so much confidence, bold black and white. I rather like the last one.

  13. Great, great images! Love the pops of color in some of them.... I have quite a few B&W images as well, hope you will have time to check them out someday ;)

    Northern Light

  14. Gorgeous images Leigh. Yes I am so sold on black and white I be forever searching for that stunning B&W wallpaper for every office that I ever do. A-M xx

  15. Even though I am not a huge fan of black and white these images are twisting my arm.

  16. Dear Leigh,
    Beautiful rooms.
    The first one is very similar to the room that we always sleep in at my sisters. She has the fourposter bed with toile de joie drapes.
    But, I digress. The black and white theme s very striking and a very fresh and crisp look. XXXX

  17. Dear Leigh,

    Wow! The photos are so striking! Lovin' the accent pieces and colors with the b/w...

    Miss M will be blown away with these...I wonder how she will ever choose a design theme from your many beautiful ideas for her....well she is 15 so that means she can change often as she matures!

    Thank you dear Leigh for visiting my blog and your kind sincerely touched my heart!


  18. Absolutely agree. I'm a big fan of black and white with a small splash of color. Beautiful images.

  19. you have an absolutely GORGEOUS blog... will explore further.

  20. oh I'm loving black wall papers lately. especially the striped one. gorgeous!

  21. i love wallpaper! love to pick it out, love to hang it and love the transformation it makes to a room. these photos are inspiring and beautiful!

  22. Images 5 and 6 are great Leigh!
    Even though I'm not a huge fan either ... those last two are really speaking to me.
    Hope your week is going well.


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