Thursday, March 11, 2010

Love .... (More) Shells

Image 1 - Gary McBournie Inc Image 2 - O Magazine Image 3 - Better Homes & Gardens Magazine Image 4 - Unknown  Image 5 - Notebook Magazine Image 6 - here


  1. Oh many is too many...I have them everywhere. Love love shells. Recently at one of my little shops a very elderly gentleman came up to where I have quite large shells and little shells displayed for sale and he picked one up and put it to his ear, and then repeated this with several was so beautiful..we are never too old for wonder. cheers Katherine

  2. Lovely inspiration photos.

    In the past I have never been drawn to shells. But lately the more I see them, the more they are calling out to me. May have to see if I can work them into my decor to give them a try.

  3. All those little starfish . . . love them.


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